Saturday, June 16, 2012

Strange Sounds Heard all over the World

The same sound is repeated in several videos, several different sounds, many witnesses. 


Liss said...

Hi - fascinating video...the Denmark footage at 8:26 shows a type of cloud formation (cirrostratus?) associated with use of HAARP technology. I don't see it in other clips, just wanted to point it out.

Liss said...
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Mike Swanson said...

Hi Liss. Hmm any clue is valuable I think. That HAARP stuff I think is supposedly based on Tesla's wireless stuff...he was also into "oscillation" according to one book he almost destroyed the buildings on his city block by attaching a small oscillator to a part of a building. So there is probably a link between electric fields and vibratory/auditory effects. Jus speculation really. I was amazed by the one before that about the commentators during the baseball game noticing it! On another topic...have you seen the "Norway spiral?" o_0 More videos than this on youtube but this one claims it happened near a HAARP-type facility over there: