Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autism Conceptual Reassessment

Click above photo to watch the interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield by The Sovereign Independent

I thought of Autism as "something you have forever" and that you have to cope with, that it will never go away. Well Dr. Andrew Wakefield has provided ample evidence that this is not entirely the case and there are several ways that might be able to treat this disease which exhibits a "multi-system inflammatory disorder." His work, it seems was never actually debunked, just made to appear so on false grounds. In fact, Dr. Wakefield's controversial study never claimed to make a conclusive link between Measles vaccines and autism, and Dr. Wakefield himself is a proponent of some vaccination. He finds a link between a new inflammatory bowel disease and Autism--the two go together. Please see his book "Callous Disregard" for what seems to be exciting evidence (some as old as the 1950s) that Autism is in fact not just "something you have forever" but instead may be a byproduct of poisoning, a crippled immune system and persistent infection affecting the intestine, stomach, brain and/or spinal cord. Anti-Inflammatory medications or supplements (aloe?), pro-biotics, and a gluten free diet all seem to be effective at diminishing the disease in his book. I wonder if a certain amazing "broad spectrum antibiotic" (Chlorine Dioxide), Bentonite (removes heavy metals?), or Nurse Van der Maas' diet (see previous posts) would help with this disease that seems to be the body failing to detoxify and eliminate byproducts of measles, mercury, or virus effects? Indeed, there seems to be at least one case of an autistic child getting better with a MMS (chlorine dioxide) treatment:

"At minimum there are 400+ children on the Autism Spectrum improving steadily, thanks to the help of MMS. These are in addition to all of the other children that these doctors are seeing and treating with MMS. The total including family members could be easily above 1000. The future is bright now that many more healers/doctors have the information on MMS and the knowledge of how to use it. I believe that people like these who see many, many children are an important link that will bridge the gap between "alternative" medicine and "allopathic" medicine, finally bringing MMS to the mainstream. I hope that we have in our hands the missing piece of the autism puzzle, because it sure seems to look that way. Two more children in March lost their diagnosis from autism, which makes a total of 5 children to lose their diagnosis since I began recommending MMS in August of 2010. Not all have recovered. But all are better than they were, and that is a great place to start... Another new protocol is the 12/2. It is taking MMS for 12 days straight then resting 2 days. This way the pathogens living in the gut will expose themselves during the two day rest, and then we hit them with another 12 days of MMS. Using this method we gradually extinguish all pathogens until none remain. When we heal the gut we cure the autism."


Liss said...

Glad to see this post - Wakefield has been ridiculously vilified by the medical establishment in Britain and trashed in the US/UK media. The lies, inaccuracies and omissions propagated around his research methodology and outcomes speak volumes about how much the establishment fears Wakefield and his work. Interestingly, there has been speculation that Multiple Sclerosis (also considered an autoimmune disorder) is caused in part by a gut infection - a notion that is contemptuously shot down by "real doctors". The same real doctors who insist there is no connection whatsoever between diet and autoimmune diseases. I hope they end up with the health conditions they deserve.

Mike Swanson said...

It's interesting to see what the vilification was based on and it it really just clearly a total set up, as the science in his study has supposedly been independently verified in 5 other countries. Also there seems to be a lot of fairly mainstream books advocating a gluten free diet for autistics, something that Dr. Wakefield mentions (from a 1950s paper) yet his gastrointestinal approach paper was "debunked?" In his book Dr. Wakefield makes a link between I believe Brain, Bowel and Behavior, something that in Chinese medicine seems linked as well as problems with the stomache exhibit overthinking and vice versa. Interesting stuff about MS--also in his book, Dr. Wakefield quotes some of his "real doctor" critics making claims about what his paper was about which makes it clear that they didn't even read it--sounds like this might be the case with a lot of research maybe with MS as well. I heard that Nelson Rockefeller was such a proponent of "allopathic" or sort of modern chemical medicine yet when he was sick he used herbal and eclectic sorts of doctors. A ringing endorsement!