Saturday, March 21, 2009

So help US God...

Do you feel it too? The inaugural hope and excitement that is just too sugary, too numbing and vague? It has a tinge of menace to it. Why are we so happy about this? Are we actually turning the page? Are we fixing our mistakes? Are we satisfied that this election was truly honorable and on-topic? Are we satisfied with mild reforms? Are we really self confident in our national direction? Are we all satisfied that we understand 9/11? Are we voting against war, voting for the starvation diet of the military, voting for an end to maniacal global violence in our name? Are we nonplussed about much of Bush's war continuing? Are we safe voting for the lesser of two evils? Are we paying attention? Are we behind expanding a war in the middle east? Are we being listened to? Are we ready for long overdue national soul searching?

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